Arboreal Key, a skilled French cosmaker who makes excellent costumes and accessories!

Today we have with us Arboreal Key, a clever french cosmaker which works resemble to Kamui Cosplay costumes. Like Kamui Cosplay she realizes her costumes with a lot of accessories, all created with high level details.

The making of armour, weapon has an high quality, most of her costumes are full body and she realizes cosplays inspired by fantasy world.

The outfits of Arboreal represent figures with details and decoraton inspired by dragons and medieval knights, then also hints to viking culture. Her works are made one piece a the time, from the project to the mold and final printing; we can see several wings, busts, bracelets, helmets and footwear.

arboreal key cosmaker

Then there are medallions and various related objects and a lot of decoration, all are realized in the Arboreal Key’s laboratory. Other accessories very well built are swords and weapons, really giant and realistic, then she makes also throw, arches and axes.

arboreal key cosmaker

arboreal key cosmaker

So Arboreal Key is a real cosmaker that realizes a big variety of themed objects.

Cover image is the Glass armour – Photo by Tenhaku Photographie

We asked her some questions to find out more.

Congratulations for all your work and thank you for accepting our interview. Yours costumes are full body and with al lot of details and certainly require a lot of work and dedication and you are a cosmaker who has many similarities with Kamui Cosplay style. Can you briefly explain how your costumes are born, start from a project and a design up to the realization, and are they also made to measure?

Thanks a lot! It depends on what I’m working on. All my costumes are bespoke, whether I’m making them for myself or for others. In the second case, I work with measurements the clients send me, as they usually live thousands of kilometres away. I almost never work for clients living in my own country, not by choice, but because I rarely get commission requests from French.
Depending on the project, I might have to respect a reference picture. I start by gathering as many images as I can, in order to fully visualise the character and details.

arboreal key cosmaker
The Visarch – Ph: Elkashir-san

I try to understand how the different pieces are supposed to assemble, and how to attach everything. This research will later help me decide on a construction order, so I know where to start. I then build my pieces one by one. Theoretically in reality, I tend to work on several parts at the same time.
The process is different when I’m free to design the character, because the project will then require prior work, before even starting to think about the construction itself. I’d like to be able to say I create brilliant concept art, but my sketches are actually closer to horrible scrawls than actual art.

What is your genre and your main theme and what do your cosplay represent, do your costumes also participate in events and shows?

I do not really have a genre, I like to explore several styles in order to learn new techniques. However, I try to avoid overly popular fandoms, as I do not like to portray characters that have already been cosplayed countless times by other people. This “rule” does not apply to commissions, only the design and the difficulty of a project are taken into account in these situations.

I used to perform in costume during contests, but left the cosplay stage a few years ago, for several reasons. However, I sometimes lend my costumes during events; my post-apocalyptic outfit is currently in London for an exhibition. Some of my creations have been (or will be) in short movies as well.

arboreal key cosmaker

Do you also create tutorials and books dedicated to your cosmaker activity, how long have you started creating costumes? Which are the genre of your items, who are costumers and are there any item or service that you prefer to promote and sell?

I made my very first costume in 2015. Four years later, in January 2019- I created my costume/propmaking company.
I build…pretty much anything someone might ask for, as long as I find the project interesting. I receive enough requests to be picky. Buyers are usually cosplayers, even if I had the occasion to work on a few professional projects. My most popular item is probably my articulated dragon tail, I’ve been receiving commission requests ever since, and haven’t accepted any of them because I do not want to make tails for a living. I usually try to avoid building the same thing twice, as it rarely brings anything new. I recently started making some of my patterns available to purchase, as well, as leather bookmarks.

arboreal key cosmaker

arboreal key cosmaker

arboreal key cosmaker

More content of Arboreal Key at these links:

Facebook page

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Translation by Martina Pasquale Volonté

Article in French click here

Article in Italian click here

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