From Brazil an excellent Ellie cosplay from the successful videogame The Last of Us!

Ellie, the girl who has captured the hearts of fans of The Last of Us, one of the most successful videogames on the PlayStation platform, with a story that is like a movie and that gives to the player great emotions with a touching and intense plot.

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Brazil – International Cosplayer

The characters of the videogames are equally intense and with the protagonist Joel we have Ellie, the co-star of the story that is played by the Brazilian cosplayer Larissa Calder that we have the pleasure of having with us.

The Last of Us is an action-adventure horror videogame from 2013, developed by the software house Naughty Dog and published exclusively for PlayStation 3, subsequently was made a remastered for PlayStation 4.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012 the videogame won 5 prizes, among which the best presentation, best console game and best original game. The Last of Us has sold over 3.4 million copies worldwide, becoming the most purchased PlayStation 3 video game of 2013, and has remained in first place in the international charts for a whole month, the second episode will released soon.

The story of The Last of Us is extremely dramatic and touching, due to a pandemic the world is in decline and is invaded by horrible mutant creatures, the infection has killed a large part of the world population, violence reigns now and there are no more laws, only surviving is important. The protagonist Joel accidentally meets Ellie, a 14 year old girl who is infected but strangely has not transformed, for this reason she becomes a rare case that must be studied as a possible cure.

The cosplayer Larissa Calder represents her in a very convincing way with her somatic features and her expressiveness, besides obviously the make-up, the costume and the clothing also equipped with weapons and accessories. Larissa is able to convey all the intensity of Ellie’s face and her interpretation has really impressed us.

And now let’s talk a little bit with Larissa.

Hi Larissa, thank you for accepting our interview! We have to admit that your resemblance to the protagonist of The Last of Us is really marked, what do you think about your cosplay and are you similar also in the personality of Ellie?

Hey hello! I think that a person who cosplay Ellie and who tries to resemble her must also think and feel emotions like the character because she feels it very much as her role, in fact I can say that I had a rather painful past in my life that made me overprotective and with the fear of abandonment just like her.

Your eyes are very expressive and give intensity to the cosplay, have you thought of interpreting Ellie or someone has proposed it to you?

I can say that acting in a show, a movie, a videogame and in particular playing Ellie, since she is my favorite, is one of the greatest dreams of my life! Seeing this cosplay many people advised me to make audition to know if my acting skills could take me somewhere, but I find it rather difficult for a Brazilian person like me, even more because I live in a small town, so I find it almost impossible, unfortunately.

In addition to photo sets, did you also realized other The Last of Us contents and are there any projects you would like to carry out?

Since I do not only cosplay, but I also play as Ellie with The Last of Us game, there are so many situations that I still want to represent, I also have a YouTube channel where there are some videos but nothing really great, I would also like to go in more abandoned places, not only to make photo shoots, but also something for videos on YouTube, and now it’s even easier since I have a partner who helps me and who cosplays Joel!

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